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Denise Interchangeables

Free Patterns

Issue 12


Newborns in Need supplies essential baby items to impoverished families and handcrafted comfort to parents whose little ones will not be coming home.

Click to download Quick n Simple Wooby.

Issue 11

Baby Hat

In an effort to raise awareness about shaken baby syndrome and to educate new parents about normal infant crying,
CLICK for Babies sends newborns home from the hospital in handmade purple hats.

Click to download Baby Hat.

Issue 10

Preemie Hat

Handmade hats, like the ones stitched by volunteers from the Preemie Project and similar organizations,
bring comfort to premature infants and their parents.

Click to download Preemie Hat.

Issue 9

cat mat

Since 2007, the volunteers who crochet for Comfort for Critters have been stitching up warmth and affection for shelter animals,
increasing the pets' chances of finding a forever home in the process.

Click to download Cat Mat.

Issue 8

chemo blanket

With a hook and yarn, a teacher finds solace in stitches, a connection to her mother,
and a way to bring crafters around the country together to support cancer patients.

Click to download Chemo Blanket.

Issue 7

christmas at sea

For 115 years, volunteers for Christmas at Sea have been warming the hearts (and heads)
of mariners who are far from home for the holidays with handmade hats.

Click to download Christmas at Sea Scarf.

Issue 6

project red scarf 1 project red scarf 2

Love and stitches from a caring stranger bring a bright note of encouragement to foster students across the country.

Click to download project 1 and project 2.

Issue 5

project linus baby blanket

For kids in crisis, happiness is a warm (handmade) blanket.

Click here to download pattern and instructions.

Issue 4

mountainscape pillow

Perfect for spring markets, Annie Modesitt's Super Squares Tote also makes a wonderful beach bag.

Click here to download pattern and instructions.

Issue 3

mountainscape pillow

We wanted to include a project that uses Laurie Coma's single crochet tapestry technique, so Margret Willson came up with this colorful Mountainscape Intarsia Pillow worked in a medium/worsted -weight yarn.

Click here to download pattern and instructions.

To read the article about the Faces of Heroines project click here.

Issue 2

squares samples

Our free pattern from issue 2 is the Purple Stitch Project's So Cute Purse by Vickie Howell.
It's size-perfect for ages 4 through 10.

Click here to download pattern and instructions.

Issue 1

squares samples

Warm Up America squares by Carrie Carpenter was featured in our premier issue.
The patterns for these squares (yes, they're rectangles, but everyone's always called them "squares"),
can be downloaded by clicking here.